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Gold Mine Experience

gold mine excursion

Enjoy an all day adventure! Come see the historic Arizona mining site! Over 120 year old of documented mining activity under the "Unida Mine Group". We take you on a tour through 3 Historic mines the "Bloo Nelly" "Bloo Tunnel II" and the "Undia Ghost Town and Mine" Each mine tour last approximately 30 minutes. Take a rind around site our "Gold Mine Safari" see historic structures over 120 years old, all in a natural Arizona desert setting, surround by breathtaking mountain views and native plants and wildlife! Enjoy lunch on covered pavilions listen to live entertainment! Enjoy food from "Burn It" our BBQ snack shack! Menu is hot dogs and hamburgers, chips and a drink all included! Pan for gold find it and take it home! Pan in trays or on our sluice or our panning creek!

Shop our store, we have clean restrooms too!

Ticket price $100.00 per person per day for guided excursion! This is an exclusive tour all 3 mines and trails with historic buildings, This takes a full day around 4 to 6 hours! 

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