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The history of unida mine group

Here are photos of the Gold Mine Experience and Unida Mine Group. There are records of mining activities and production from 1903 and up to 1976! We are an active mine site with placer production daily.


Gold Mine Experience

Gold Mine Experience is an evolving project! Everyday as we move to improve, We find another part of Unida mine history. When we find things like a 600 sq ft slab of concrete under 8 feet of dirt!! Who finds this? Why did we dig there? The universe leads the way and we listen! There are so many aspects of the historic mining operations on site, We have documents stating there were up to 3000 original workers on site working for the Electro company. The site had Hotels, Casino, Restaurants, Brothels or as the historic record says "a business of questionable morals" There were bunkhouses, supply stores, livery stables and more! Bloo Nelly is also a fluorescent mine!  Come see the short wave UV lights on regular looking ore and watch the majic of nature apear!

some  history 

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